Earth Day 2015

Happy Earth Day!!  

Mountain view in Fallbrook, CA

Mountain view in Fallbrook, CA

Did some tree pose in yoga this morning to celebrate Earth Day! 😉 The image above is a creative addition to a dead tree that fell over a few years ago - makes me smile when I drive home past this friendly face each day!

Of course in Southern California we are working hard to conserve water, and using solar panels to generate electricity from the plentiful sunshine! Tough to keep the balance when the area is also a huge agricultural capital...

Last weekend in Fallbrook we celebrated the Avocado Festival, which had nearly 100k attendees! It is great being out in the mountains with avocado groves surrounding us, and you can definitely feel the connection to nature here.

Hope you are all doing something special for the earth today!

xo - Stephanie Swinton