Recipe: Prosciutto & Melon, and a Restaurant in Murano, Italy!

It is October in Paris, and it has been cold and rainy! I was thinking about Italy and my trip this summer with my parents. We ate fresh melon with Prosciutto, of course paired with cold Prosecco, nearly every day!

You can easily make this delightfully simple dish at home any time. Select a cantaloupe or other sweet orange melon, and slice it, taking off the skin and seeds - and arrange on one large serving platter, or on individual plates. Choose a thinly sliced Prosciutto (from Italy preferably!) and arrange a small piece over each melon slice. Make sure not to put too much Prosciutto on top! The flavors should complement each other, and not be overwhelmed by the salty meat. It also looks nice to see a bit of the melon beneath.

Besides the picture of this dish which I made here in Paris, the other images below are from a very lovely restaurant, hidden off the main path in a square with an outdoor seating area with cheerful yellow coverings, where we had an excellent example of this dish. If you are ever in Murano, Italy (just a quick boat ride from Venice) stop by for a nice and simple Italian meal!
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Ristorante Hotel "Al Soffiador"
Viale Bressaggio, 10-11
Murano - Venezia
+39 041 739 430