DON'T CLOSE, Florent!!!


How will I ever survive without our favorite, flambouyant-waiter-staffed, 24-hour, quirky, Frenchie-fantastic delicious diner?? The Meatpacking district and $50,000 per month rent current realities don't neccessarily translate to success for all businesses...and I am so sad because of that! Of course, it appears that no one knows the official closing date, so go there soon and enjoy!

I like to visit for brunch (after a long night out, even say in CT!!) and, as you must realize brunch in NYC can be any time between 11am (quite early!) and 5pm!! Mimosas are superb, and waiters are amazing (even if they might playfully tease you for your hangover state lack of fast powered brains!) The goats cheese wrap, onion soup, poached egg dishes and anything with french fries are key items to order!

69 Gansevoort Street
(212) 989-5779