Divine Wine (Only 5 Days Left!!)

Divine Bar East

I am SO sad that Divine Bar is closing! You have probably heard that due to the rent doubling for their space, they must go... Of course the west side location will remain open, but the big bland Times Square-ish spot is not my favorite. However, until March 29, you can pop in to the cute, cozy east side location, and enjoy the "Liquidate Our Liquids" Happy Hour from 5-7 (wine by the glass, $6 or beer, $3).

To snack on:
-Crostini (served with red pepper, white bean and spinach spreads - mmm condiments!!)
-Baked Brie in Warm Puff Pastry (my favorite here!) - select with honey walnuts and dates, served with sliced apples
-Cheese platters are always nice, with a variety of cheeses to choose from
-Sesame Crusted Chicken Satay

Divine Bar East
244 E 51st St (bt 2 & 3 Ave)
(212) 319-9463

Divine Bar West
236 W 54th St (bt Bwy & 8 Ave)
(212) 265-9463