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Metropolitan Opera

I love going to the opera! I love the combination of music, an enticing story, great costumes and captivating vocals. Check out the schedule online, and find a few stories that sound interesting to you. If it is an opera you really want to see, splurge for seats in the orchestra or close to the front. If, on the other hand, you are going by yourself, for entertainment or for educational purposes, check out the "Family Circle" tickets. On week nights, they are only $15!! The drawback is that you cannot see faces clearly, so for a large cast of characters (like War and Peace, or beginning scenes from Carmen) it is difficult to know which character is singing!!

DO NOT waste your attention reading subtitles for operas in other languages! Read the story beforehand while you wait for the theater to go dark, and turn off translating screens while you enjoy the music. Your purpuse at the opera is to already know the story, and to connect with the emotional impact of the music and scenery as you watch the story unfold!

Metropolitan Opera
62-65th St (bt Columbus & Amsterdam Aves)
(212) 546-2656

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