Get Your Hair Cut!

Bumble University

Check out the Bumble and Bumble salon's "university". Once you are approved as a "hair model", you will be able to get the hottest new style, FREE!! You can choose from a long or short cut, and they will custom tailor the cut to your preference and to suit your face. Allow 2 hours for the experience, since it is a learning environment for the stylists. Besides, this is a great excuse to stop by Pastis for quick meal at an off hour (good bet= Tuna Nicoise salad). Pick the late (8pm) appointment and wander through some Chelsea galleries first--there is bound to be a few openings you can pop into!

Bumble and Bumble University
415 W 13th Street (bt 9th Ave. & Washington St.)
floor 6
New York, NY 20014