Try Organic Dry Cleaning

Divine Touch Organic Cleaners

Once you convert to divinely organic cleaned clothes, you will never go back to smelly, itchy traditional dry cleaning that wears out your clothes and makes them look overall drab. I found this place after too many of my great clothes had been ruined by various dry cleaners and have been confident taking even the most delicate garments there ever since.

The prices for women's clothing are roughly the same as anywhere else in Manhattan, and they deliver all over the West side. Men's shirts may seem a bit pricey at $6 each, until you find out they are hand pressed, with a crease down each arm, and the collar held in place with a strip of cardboard--just like getting a brand new shirt! No shrinking, either.

Divine Touch Organic Cleaners
41 W 58th Street
(212) 980-5744