Frenchie-Tastic on the Upper East Side

Brasserie Julien

This is our favorite local restaurant. We go here all the time, for every occasion! Here you will find the best, juiciest, tastiest mussels in the city (unlimited refills, if you need more!) Friday and Saturday nights enjoy live jazz. For a birthday or other special occassion, call ahead and reserve the special golden curtain enclosed "chef's table" in the back (5-10 people).

We like to eat:

-tuna tartar
-bison burger
-mussels (Regular white wine style available every day, plus one special selection. Fridays take advantage of "curry" style, and Saturday order the mussells cooked in Stella beer.)


They are also very well known for their fondue (cheese and chocolate versions) Lots of Frenchie wines to choose from, but beware of seemingly innocent champagne cocktails (don't have more than one!)
PS. Wednesday night is Ladies Night 50% off champagne! How sophisticated!

Brasserie Julien
1422 3rd Ave (bt. 80 & 81)
(212) 744-6327