No Pleated Pants Please

Pleated pants NEVER look good! Most women do not wear this style any longer (hello "skinny" cut) but many men still do. Don't! If you are stalky or have a little pudge, you will look fat. If you are skinny, you will look like you are swimming in your clothes. People will think you can't find clothes that fit, and it looks sloppy. Also, pleated pants inevitably give way to tapered ankles, and we all know by now that is not hot. Men do not have hips and there is not need to give yourself volume in that area through extra fabric tucks!

Instead, find some nice flat-front pants, with a straight or slightly tapered leg. BUT, make sure to get your pants tailored for correct length!! Even if they are ready-to-wear trousers, please go to a tailor (with the proper shoes) and let them measure the pants on you. Bottom of legs should never gather above your shoes in cavernous wrinkles, but should gently graze the tops of your shoes, just below your ankles.

While we are speaking about this area, I would also love it if men (and people in general) would stop wearing hideous "comfortable" shoes with those ugly big rubber soles. Leather soled hand-crafted shoes are always best. Be exciting and pick an interesting color (there are many varieties of brown out there) or some sort of detailing. There is no need to wear the same plain black loafers as everyone else in your office! And no complaining about your feet not being comfortable--at least you are not wearing high heels (and you know you love to see women in them--they are never comfortable!)