Mario Batali Does Spanish

Casa Mono

Another Mario Batali Restaurant I love. Order small plates here a few at a time. A great bet for wine is to order by the carafe--You can taste several kinds this way at about $26 for two and a half glasses. Of course, a trip to the Bar Jamon next door is in order while you wait for your table! I found an amazing sparkling Rose there--crisp, flavorful, wonderful--but any of the wines on the menu are sure to be quite fabulous.

Items I suggest:

-bread with tomato
-serano ham
-fois gras
-lamb's tongue
-pork with figs
-fried cod balls
-burnt custard
-chocolate cake with ice cream

Hint: Water glasses reside in a small space underneath the top of the table! It remninded me of those desks you have in school as a kid--I thought about leaving a folded up love letter inside...A sneaky odd surprise for another diner perhaps?